The business you knew as GENSULT India Private Ltd. has become e-navik Global Services India Private Ltd. This change has taken effect as of 16thJanuary 2015. Additionally we have moved into a much bigger and modern facilities within the vicinity.

Aside from our company name and address, nothing else has changed. We still offer the same quality service on which you have come to rely. The name change reinforces the e-navik brand as an integrated corporation, reflects the company's long-term strategy to advance its global presence, and more closely aligns and strengthens the identity of each of its operating divisions. The name change to e-navik Global Services India Private Limited defines the shift that is taking place at the heart of e-navik as it takes on a stronger vision.

e-navik is a vertically integrated group with global offices and multiple delivery centres worldwide. Since its inception in 2007, e-navik has steadily advanced its management, operational, and technical capabilities to become a leading provider of services to the information technology, consulting and engineering sector with a focus on delivering excellence as well as the development and implementation of world-class business applications for mobile and the cloud. For more information on e-navik Global Services India Private Ltd., please visit our website